Sunday, January 02, 2005

More reactions from Macau

If someone got really benefited from the FIRS decision not to admit Catalonia into its ranks as a national team, this was Macau.
Macau, who finished 4th in the last B World Cup, will participate in the next World Cup to be held in San Jose in 2005, taking the place that Catalonia deservedly won on the rink.
However, from Macau they keep attacking the Catalans as if they weren't happy enough with the results of the FIRS congress in Fresno.
Hence, the first online newspaper in Macau, accuses the Catalan government of conspiring in the last World Cup, only because some members of the Catalan government decided to take half a day off on their official trip to China to attend the final of the World Cup in which Catalonia beat England by 6 goals to 0.

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Anonymous said...

Mientras España, Portugal e Italia mienten, extorsionan, sobornan, Cataluña organiza partidos espectaculares, invierte en el hockey, prueba nuevas reglas para mejorar nuestro deporte querido. España, Portugal e Italia sólo luchan por seguir siendo los mismos de siempre repartiendose las medallitas, Catalunya hace lo mejor para el deporte.
Al final las cosas vuelven a su sitio, los paises mentirosos y mafiosos recibiran lo que han sembrado y los paises que hemos dado lo mejor que tenemos al deporte recibiremos nuestro premio, tiempo al tiempo.

Mirad todos la historia, los mentirosos siempre acaban perdiendo y recibiendo su castigo.

España, Portugal e Italia. Vuestra mafia va a recibir su merecido.

Viva el hockey.

Anonymous said...

lo peor de su comentario (y eso que no hay nada salvable) es su sintaxis.
dedique su tiempo a cosas más provechosas.

Anonymous said...

3 things:
1- May be his first language is not Spanish. Not everyone in the whole world speaks like you.
2- It´s funny to see how you dare telling people to spent their time in "cosas más provechosas", when you yourself are also writing here. Are you not waisting your time too?
3- ...and anyway, Catalonia will have national teams sooner or later. It could take 2, 5 or 10 years, but we´ll have them. Eveybody knows it. Good luck with your own national team in the future, sir.

Anonymous said...

tres cosas:
1-si su idioma habitual no es el castellano que utilice el suyo y no fusile el mio
2-pues no,de momento no tengo nada mejor que hacer que rebatir sus infantiles argumentos,cada cual se divierte como puede.
3-soñar es gratis

Anonymous said... free as writing crap on the net, mate. Don´t worry, we will invite to the next match of one of the Catalan national sides. For free, of course.

Anonymous said...

que generoso :)

Anonymous said...

No trobeu que es ridicul parlar de la sintaxis, davant d'una mafia impressionant del govern Espanyol !!

Catalunya Lliure Visca en Carod

Translation: Catalan to English

Don't you think that is rediculous to talk about sintaxi, when we have a goverment interfiring in a sport decision !!

Freedom for Catalonia

Anonymous said...

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