Thursday, January 13, 2005

Reactions to the new rules tested in Catalonia

Since my last post in which I exposed the new rules tested in the game between Catalonia and the Reno All Stars team (New rules tested), many roller hockey fans and amateur and professional players have expressed their opinion about these variations.
Here is a summary of their opinions:

-David Busquets (Igualada, Catalonia) : "I liked the new rules. I really enjoyed the game as it has been a very lively match with loads of opportunities to score. The new rules help the attacking game and this is always good for any sport."

-Oriol Bargallo (Igualada,Catalonia) : "Talking about the new goals, I don't think the problem is about the quantity of goals that are being scored at the moment. To me is more about making the game more exciting and spectacular. I think most goalies would find difficult to get used to the new goals. It would be harder to stop the high shots and balls to the top corners."

-James Taylor (UK, Bassano) : "One rule that I took to alot was the bigger goals,it created more goals and made the game more exciting. The players didnt take full advantage of the goals however because we were not used to them but if we had of just imagine how many more goals there would have been as it finished at 13-9 . I didnt like the direct free hit rule where if you made 5 fouls it was a direct free hit because I like to play my game hard and it wasnt possible with this rule. As for the anti dew being the half way line I dont think it made any diffrence, and the referees on skates just looked stupid, they found it hard to turn and keeo up as they werent at the same level of skating which is understandable."

-Boris Tarassioux ( : "I think the referees wearing skates makes them lose in speed and placement. The size of the goals it definetely means more goals. I think a lot because the placement of goalkeeper is not perfect. But certainly a good idea, if we can try this not just in one game but on a yaer championship to see all consequences of the rule. The antiplay line being at 20 metres (normally it is at 22m), I think in a little rink, it is a bad solution. From the 5th foul of each team each foul was awarded with a direct free hit.Good rule but direct free hit is done two with antiplay line, ball out of rink. So this was ridiculous. Also, when James Taylor came in he immediatly did a foul which gave a direct free hit."

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