Thursday, October 28, 2004

Macau's Roller Hockey Federation president's view

Macau will play the A World Cup and it will be in group A (Catalonia's group).
Antonio Aguiar, president of Macau's Roller Hockey Federation is confident about the non-admission of Catalonia as a full member of the FIRS.
The president of the organising committee of the B World Cup in an interview to the Agency Lusa said that Macau will be in the World Cup because Catalonia has no rights to be there. Aguiar believes that both Portugal and Spain will refuse to play against Catalonia and that will force other countries to withdraw their support to the Catalans.

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Macau-is-China said...

I hope Mr. Aguiar is learning putong hua pretty quickly. Pretty soon, he will be invited to move his federation to XinJiang.