Friday, December 31, 2004

Felic Any Nou 2005!!!!


Wishing you all the best in 2005!
Us desitjo tot el millor per aquest Any Nou 2005!!

New rules tested in the friendly game

The friendly game in which Catalonia beat the Reno All Stars by 13 to 8, was used to test new rules that according to Reno would increase the emotion and make the game of roller hockey more spectacular.
These are the rules that were tested:
- the two referees wore roller skates.
- the goals were bigger (ice hockey size)
- the antiplay line was at 20 metres (normally it is at 22m)
- there was no substitution when a player is excluded
- from the 5th foul of each team each foul was awarded with a direct free hit.

Well, according to the final result and to the opinions of some players after the game and despite the fact that it was a friendly game, it seems that the new rules worked quite well!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Minute by minute updates on the Catalan demonstration and sport events

19 10 According to the Catalan radio station RAC1 ( around 20 000 people are demonstrating in Barcelona

19 12 Representatives of all Catalan political parties (except the PP) are present at the demonstration

19 13 Around 2 500 people are already at the Palau Blaugrana participating in the roller sports events that have been taking place since 15 30.

19 15 Sergi Panadero has won the shootout competition.

19 16 David Moner, president of the UFEC has confirmed that more than 20 000 people are participating in the demonstration through the streets of Barcelona.

19 21 More people are joining the demonstration as it goes through the streets of Barcelona.

19 24 UNA NACIO,UNA SELECCIO!! is the sole voice of the people of Catalonia demonstrating tonight in Barcelona.

19 27 The Catalan roller hockey team and the Reno All Starts are already warming up at the Palau Blaugrana's rink.

19 30 Jaume Roure, president of the Catalan federation of football, believes that it is a success to have gathered more than 20 000 people in support to the Catalan national teams. According to Roura more than 65 000 tickets had been already sold for the football game.

19 37 According to the organization, the number of demonstrators has increased to 30 000.

19 50 The beginnings of the demonstration have reached the end and it has started to dissolve.

19 52 The girls of CP Olot, gold medal in Fresno, are at this moment performing "Freedom", the performance that made them finish top in the last championship in Fresno.

20 07 The Catalan national anthem is playing at the Palau Blaugrana while players from both teams are paying respect.

20 08 A minute of silence for the victims of the earthquake in South Asia has being observed.

20 10 Different rules will be used in this game as a test for a better and more modern game.

20 15 The game has just started. More than 7 000 spectators at the Palau Blaugrana.

20 54 At half time the result between Catalunya and Reno All Stars is 5-6 to Reno All Stars.

21 30 The match has concluded with the victory of Catalonia over the Reno All Stars by the final result of 13 to 8.

21 32 The friendly football game between Catalonia and Argentina is ready to start. The players from both sides are on the pitch.

21 33 The Argentinian national anthem is playing at the Nou Camp. Around 6000 Argentinians are supporting their team in the stadium.

21 35 The Catalan national anthem is being played now. More than 70 000 Catalan fans are singing in the stands.

22 15 Half time. Argentina leads 1-0.

22 25 The Catalan hockey team, winners of the B World Cup in Macau, are now on the pitch receiving the recognition of the Catalan and Argentinian fans. Ivan Tibau, captain of the team has read a speech in defense of the Catalan national teams.

23 15 The game has ended with the final result of Catalonia 0 Argentina 3.

It has been a wonderful night for the Catalan sport. It has been shown worldwide that Catalan people love their hockey and roller sports in general and that they will keep fighting for what they want, the recognition of their national teams.


Listen to it live at

A celebration for Catalan sport!

This is what all the different events that will take place today will aim to be, a celebration for Catalan sport! The best way to show the world what Catalans want and what we are able to do.
Here a summary of all the activities that will take place today in cronological order:

14 30 Children tournament: 10 minutes games between teams of 5-6 years old kids.
16 00 Female roller hockey game: Catalan national team v U-18 Catalan team.
17 30 Score a goal competition: Penalty shoutout by 10 U-12 children
18 00 Speed & ability circuit: 10 world class players will compete in this event.
18 30 Score & come to the Final four: will anyone score from midfield?
18 40 Free kick competition: 10 world class players will compete for a 500 euros prize.

19 00 to 19 50 Demonstration in support of the Catalan national team

19 50 Show skating exhibition: Alba Perez and the CP Olot, winners of the gold medal in the 2004 World Roller Figure Skating Championship in Fresno will perform "Freedom", a "gut-wrenching" heartfelt performance, according to Kathie Fry.

20 00 International game: Catalunya v Reno All Stars. (Live on C33)

21 30 International football friendly: Catalunya v Argentina (Live on TV3 and Eurosport)

At half time, Ivan Tibau captain of the Catalan hockey team, will read a plea in defense of the Catalan national teams.

A great day of sport, a great day for the Catalan people united with one sole voice:

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Give your support

If you will not be able to attend the demonstration you can still show your support by clicking on the following link.

More than 1500 individuals and organisations have expressed their support already. You must be the next one!!!!

Friday, December 24, 2004

The Catalan people will demonstrate on the 29th of December

The Union of Catalan Sports Federations (UFEC) has officially announced a demonstration for the recognition of the Catalan national team, to take place in Barcelona on the 29th of November.
It is predicted that around 25 000 people will demonstrate in the streets of Barcelona just hours before the popular Christmas football game that will take place between Catalonia and Argentina. The demonstration will begin around 19 00 at the junction between Travessera de les Corts and Numancia and will end one hour later at the Nou Camp.

At 20 00 Catalonia´s hockey team will play the Reno All Starts and one hour and a half later Catalonia´s football team will play against Argentina in the tradional Christmas game.
Although the demostration has been supported by the Catalan civil society, all the Catalan political parties with the exception of the PP, together with work unions and other civil organisations are expected to give their support and participate in the demonstration.

David Moner, president of the UFEC has stated that : "it is about time that all the political parties take part to support the Catalan national team. Catalunya is top of the world in many sports but we cannot improve because we cannot go any further and compete internationally. The UFEC is working closely with Catalan government to gain the international recognition of other Catalan federations."
In addition, Moner has stated that: " There are times in which it is necessary to go out to the streets to express our feelings. In 1979 the Catalan people wanted a statut and more than a million people demonstrated and we finally got it. If we have to, we will go to Madrid in 5000 coaches to ask for the recognition of the Catalan teams."

All the information about the demonstration, including directions can be found at:

In addition if you cannot be present at the demonstration you still can give your support in the above site.

I would like to see more than 25 000 people there! In fact, since there would be at least 90 000 at the football game, I am confident that more than 50 000 will demonstrate in Barcelona...

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Catalunya to face Andorra tonight

The Catalan team who won the B World Cup in Macau will play Andorra in a friendly game tonight.
The Pabello Comunal d'Andorra will hold the game from 20 00. It must be remembered that these two teams played against each other in one of the semi-finals of the World Cup in Macau where Catalonia beat Andorra by 8-0.
The Catalan coach, Camps, will play the same men that play in Macau with the addition of FC Barcelona´s forward Sergi Panadero who will play in substitution of David Caceres, Igualada's forward, who has a groin injury.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

The people from Osona will demonstrate today

A demonstration in support of the Catalan national teams will take place today at 18 00 in the Placa Major de Vic.
Last Tuesday 14th, in a press conference at Club Pati Vic, the Commission "One nation, one selection", explained the reasons behind this demonstration and also informed that the commission is working towards helping for the recognition of the Catalan hockey team and getting the support of the people of Osona.

For this reason the commission is selling banners for 5 euros (see picture above) in order to finance the journey to Barcelona for the demonstration of the 29th of December.
In addition the contacts and collaboration with the two main roller hockey teams in Osona, C.P Vic and C.P Voltrega has been strengthened over the past weeks.
These two teams, big rivals on the rink, have offered all their support and will attend the demonstration just 24 hours before the local derby that will confront them.

From here we can only congratulate the commission and offer all our support.

Commission "One Nation, one Selection": :

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Catalunya v All Stars

Today has been presented in Barcelona the friendly game that the Catalan national team will play against an "All Stars" team, on the 29th of December in the Palau Blaugrana (Barca's hockey rink).
The game will start at 20 00 and will have some of the best world players in both sides. The Catalan team will be mainly made up the players that won the B World Cup in Macau, with the addition of some players who couldn't play in Macau because they had already played with Spain in the European Championship. The All Stars team will include Argentinian, Italian and Portuguese players who play in the arguably best hockey league in the world , the OK Liga.
FC Barcelona's Negro Paez will the captain of the world selection.
This game will be played just minutes after the big demonstration that will take place in support of the Catalan national teams.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Catalan appeal filed today

The Catalan Federation of Roller Sports will present today in Lausanne (Switzerland) an appeal against the decision taken by the FIRS to reject the provisional recognition of the Catalan federation.
Belgian lawyer Jean-Louis Dupont will legally represent the Catalan federation.
The main points of the Catalan appeal are based on the violation of the FIRS statutes by the Central Committee who after accepting the appeal of Catalonia, did not allow any of the Catalan representatives to be heard during the following day Congress.
The appeal elaborated by Dupont will also make clear - and will present testimonial proof of the political pressures against some members of the FIRS that allegedly influenced the voting.

Hopefully the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS) will act sensibly different than the FIRS Committee and will take all the opinions into consideration.
Out of 186 judges members of the TAS, three will be picked up to take the case. In addition, both the FIRS and the Catalan Federation will be asked to present evidence.
The TAS will resolve before the next World Cup in San Jose and it is expected that its decision will be that of invalidate what happened in Fresno. Consequently the scenario would be the same as it was just after the resolution of Miami, in which Catalonia was provisionally accepted as a new member of the FIRS.
If that happens, Catalonia should be allowed to participate in the A World Cup and then the possible decision of Spain would be to withdraw from the World Cup and to boycott the participation of Catalonia (as they did in the inline World Cup).

Again, let's wait and see!!

Monday, December 06, 2004

Mexican member presents resignation after the events in Fresno

Minu Cortes, the Mexican member of the FIRS, resigned, just after the events of Fresno, from all her responsibilities as vice-president for North America of the Pan-American Confederation of Roller Sports and member of the Sub-Committee CIRH Women Roller Hockey.
Cortes also resigned from all her tasks as director of roller sports in Mexico.
Minu Cortes was one of the FIRS members who unsuccessfully requested in two occasions that the admission of Catalonia was voted secretly.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Macau will take Catalonia's place in the World Cup

The decisions taken in Fresno not only made the Spaniards happy. In Macau, they took the news with great joy since that meant that they will be allowed to place the World Cup in San Jose instead of Catalonia.
This is an extract of Macau's online newspaper's article Ponto Final:
Macau's hockey national team will finally see its dream come true. The no ratification of Catalonia as full member of the FIRS will allow Macau to take part in the World Cup.
However, the Catalans are not satisfied and they have already announced that they will appeal to the court.
Although only finishing fourth in the B World Cup of Macau, the team trained by Carlos Lisbon has benefited from the 'expulsion' of Catalonia. According to statutes of the FIRS, in case that some country (or region) retires or is disqualified, the remaining teams will move up a place in the tournament table.Thus, England, will become the winner of the 2004 B World Cup, Andorra will be the runners-up and Macau will get the third place.
The president of the Catalan Federation Ramon Basiana, publicly declared that he agrees with the decision of the government of Catalonia to remove the subsidies granted to the FIRS. "We will cancel the project of organising the 2009 first World-wide Games of Roller Sports., which were going to take place in the city of Barcelona."
On the other hand, Antonio Aguiar, vice-president of the Asian Confederation of Roller Hoquei, signed, last Saturday, a protocol with the Spanish government for the development of roller sports in Asia. In declaration to the newspaper Today Macau, Antonio Aguiar, advanced that the agreement contemplates monetary aids, training programs and the exchange of technicians. Objective: to prepare the participation in the next world championship.

Excellent job Spain!


Interview with David Moner, president of the UFEC

The Madrid-based sports daily newspaper, AS, published an interview with David Moner, president of the Union of Catalan Sport Federations.
This newspaper has been very belligerent with the Catalans in the past and has clearly positioned itself against the recognition of Catalonia (as most Spanish media).

Here is the interview:


David Moner, President of the Union of Sport Federations of Catalonia, is convinced that in less than two years "many Catalan selections will be recognized and will compete in Europe".

How can you explain the final result of the FIRS voting?
The whole Congress was a shame and disgraceful and strongly influenced by the Spanish government. If the voting had been secret we would have won by majority. The put pressure on all the delegations and they sent threatening letters. I represent the Catalan sport, more than 10 000 federated clubs, and we only wanted to be threated normally. All we want is to live in a normal country, without pressures. It is not a sin to revindicate our selections.

Did the Catalan politicians celebrate the B World Cup in excesss?
In March, the Catalans scored a great goal against Gomez Angulo and the Spanish Federation. And now they have scored. It is half time and we are drawingm, the game is still being played. Maybe the Catalan politicians celebrated the title too much but the threatening letters of the Spanish government were decisive.

Did the Catalan politicians fail?
Everyone failed, the Catalan and the Spanish. To the Spaniards this issue has become fundamentalist. The Catalan sportsmen believe in dialogue but we do not want that, after 25 years of democracy, some Spanish politicians, who are authentic talibans, come to us repeating that Spain is a great one and free (NB: "Una grande y libre", was Franco's motto).

Despite the result of the voting you will still appeal to the TAS?
Yes, we will request justice because in Fresno all the FIRS's statutes were violated. And we are going to win. Surely. Sooner or later we will obtain our objective and we will compete in Europe. And this is something that all the Spanish politicians and the presidents of the national federations will have to accept.

Do you share Carod Rovira's opinion on Madrid 2012?
(NB: Carod Rovira appealled the Catalans to show opposition to Madrid's bid for the Olympics)
No. The Catalan sport supports the candidacy of Madrid the same that we would support Seville or Cuenca. The UFEC is not represented by any politician and we are not separatists.

Is your next objective to propose a Catalan for the presidency of the Spanish Federation of roller sports?
We would like that to happen but before we must negotiate with the Spanish Superior Council of Sports.

In two years how many Catalan national teams will obtain the international recognition?
Enough. More than five or six. And it will be normal. For example the Catalan federation of Bodybuilders has competed in the last world-cup alongside the Spanish and nothing has happened.


Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Watch Sabatino Aracu

You can now see Sabatino Aracu's intervention at the FIRS assembly and an interview for an Italian television just after the voting against Catalonia.

FIRS speech:


Many thanks to for passing me this information.

How much we love this guy!!! :-)