Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Catalan federation of Korfball has been recognised

Catalonia has been admited as full member of the International Federation of Korfball (IFK), a federation who is recognised by the International Olympic Commitee (IOC).
This is a big step forward for the aspiration of the Catalans to be able to compete internationally with their own teams and surely will have a great impact in the forthcoming assembly of the FIRS in which the re-admission of Catalonia as a full member will be discussed and voted again.

Catalonia has secured the admission into the IFK after gaining 37 votes out of 42. According to the president of the Catalan Federation of Kofball, Toni Jurado, this decision is final and there is no possible similarity to the situation that the Catalan Federation of Roller Sports suffered in the past. "A new panorama for the Catalan sport has been opened by this decision", Toni Jurado stated after the great news were confirmed.

Well done!!!

Now let's see what is the Spaniards reaction.....It won't take long!!!

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