Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Catalunya v All Stars

Today has been presented in Barcelona the friendly game that the Catalan national team will play against an "All Stars" team, on the 29th of December in the Palau Blaugrana (Barca's hockey rink).
The game will start at 20 00 and will have some of the best world players in both sides. The Catalan team will be mainly made up the players that won the B World Cup in Macau, with the addition of some players who couldn't play in Macau because they had already played with Spain in the European Championship. The All Stars team will include Argentinian, Italian and Portuguese players who play in the arguably best hockey league in the world , the OK Liga.
FC Barcelona's Negro Paez will the captain of the world selection.
This game will be played just minutes after the big demonstration that will take place in support of the Catalan national teams.

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