Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Watch Sabatino Aracu

You can now see Sabatino Aracu's intervention at the FIRS assembly and an interview for an Italian television just after the voting against Catalonia.

FIRS speech:


Many thanks to for passing me this information.

How much we love this guy!!! :-)


BraveCatalan said...

I hope that this guy in a nearest future may be against the justice tribunal whit the Italian president...


Anonymous said...

stop your demagogy
Sabatino Aracu next president of FIRS¡

Anonymous said...

Jajaja demagogy??

Sabatino = Mussolini = Franco

Sabatino knows what is hockey and roller sports? They only knows about politics and money.

Sabatino and Spanish Federation are the hockey and FIRS killers.

Do you know that a member of Spanish Sport Councyl (CSD) menaced the new Argentinean president of FIRS during the Assembly wher it was voted the acceptation of catalonia?

Demagogy? No no, its only the truth, sometimes the truth seems unvelievable. Fascism seems also unvelievable, but is in FIRS and talks italian and spanish.

koala said...

Aracu is only the instrument. If he disappears, others will come to the front. We won’t go very far fighting this gay. We have to look at the root of the problem which is Spanish attitude with everything Catalan.
The main responsibility of what happened in Fresno falls on the Spanish government. Since the decision in Miami, they had plenty of time (working underground) to prepare a good strategy and defeat the Catalans.
Our representatives were very naïf announcing all the shots to the world... Playing clean in the dirty world of politics.
In this respect Zapatero’s government is no better than Aznar’s. They, naturally, defend their own turf.

Anonymous said...

demagogy without limits!!!!

Anonymous said...

If all this is pure demagogy, what are doing engaging with it? Will it be that you are also.... or is it guilt and shame?