Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Minute by minute updates on the Catalan demonstration and sport events

19 10 According to the Catalan radio station RAC1 ( around 20 000 people are demonstrating in Barcelona

19 12 Representatives of all Catalan political parties (except the PP) are present at the demonstration

19 13 Around 2 500 people are already at the Palau Blaugrana participating in the roller sports events that have been taking place since 15 30.

19 15 Sergi Panadero has won the shootout competition.

19 16 David Moner, president of the UFEC has confirmed that more than 20 000 people are participating in the demonstration through the streets of Barcelona.

19 21 More people are joining the demonstration as it goes through the streets of Barcelona.

19 24 UNA NACIO,UNA SELECCIO!! is the sole voice of the people of Catalonia demonstrating tonight in Barcelona.

19 27 The Catalan roller hockey team and the Reno All Starts are already warming up at the Palau Blaugrana's rink.

19 30 Jaume Roure, president of the Catalan federation of football, believes that it is a success to have gathered more than 20 000 people in support to the Catalan national teams. According to Roura more than 65 000 tickets had been already sold for the football game.

19 37 According to the organization, the number of demonstrators has increased to 30 000.

19 50 The beginnings of the demonstration have reached the end and it has started to dissolve.

19 52 The girls of CP Olot, gold medal in Fresno, are at this moment performing "Freedom", the performance that made them finish top in the last championship in Fresno.

20 07 The Catalan national anthem is playing at the Palau Blaugrana while players from both teams are paying respect.

20 08 A minute of silence for the victims of the earthquake in South Asia has being observed.

20 10 Different rules will be used in this game as a test for a better and more modern game.

20 15 The game has just started. More than 7 000 spectators at the Palau Blaugrana.

20 54 At half time the result between Catalunya and Reno All Stars is 5-6 to Reno All Stars.

21 30 The match has concluded with the victory of Catalonia over the Reno All Stars by the final result of 13 to 8.

21 32 The friendly football game between Catalonia and Argentina is ready to start. The players from both sides are on the pitch.

21 33 The Argentinian national anthem is playing at the Nou Camp. Around 6000 Argentinians are supporting their team in the stadium.

21 35 The Catalan national anthem is being played now. More than 70 000 Catalan fans are singing in the stands.

22 15 Half time. Argentina leads 1-0.

22 25 The Catalan hockey team, winners of the B World Cup in Macau, are now on the pitch receiving the recognition of the Catalan and Argentinian fans. Ivan Tibau, captain of the team has read a speech in defense of the Catalan national teams.

23 15 The game has ended with the final result of Catalonia 0 Argentina 3.

It has been a wonderful night for the Catalan sport. It has been shown worldwide that Catalan people love their hockey and roller sports in general and that they will keep fighting for what they want, the recognition of their national teams.


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