Sunday, December 05, 2004

Macau will take Catalonia's place in the World Cup

The decisions taken in Fresno not only made the Spaniards happy. In Macau, they took the news with great joy since that meant that they will be allowed to place the World Cup in San Jose instead of Catalonia.
This is an extract of Macau's online newspaper's article Ponto Final:
Macau's hockey national team will finally see its dream come true. The no ratification of Catalonia as full member of the FIRS will allow Macau to take part in the World Cup.
However, the Catalans are not satisfied and they have already announced that they will appeal to the court.
Although only finishing fourth in the B World Cup of Macau, the team trained by Carlos Lisbon has benefited from the 'expulsion' of Catalonia. According to statutes of the FIRS, in case that some country (or region) retires or is disqualified, the remaining teams will move up a place in the tournament table.Thus, England, will become the winner of the 2004 B World Cup, Andorra will be the runners-up and Macau will get the third place.
The president of the Catalan Federation Ramon Basiana, publicly declared that he agrees with the decision of the government of Catalonia to remove the subsidies granted to the FIRS. "We will cancel the project of organising the 2009 first World-wide Games of Roller Sports., which were going to take place in the city of Barcelona."
On the other hand, Antonio Aguiar, vice-president of the Asian Confederation of Roller Hoquei, signed, last Saturday, a protocol with the Spanish government for the development of roller sports in Asia. In declaration to the newspaper Today Macau, Antonio Aguiar, advanced that the agreement contemplates monetary aids, training programs and the exchange of technicians. Objective: to prepare the participation in the next world championship.

Excellent job Spain!


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