Thursday, July 21, 2005

Catalonia participates in the World Inline Cup

The Catalan Federation of Roller Sports has sent 2 teams to the World Inline Cup which is being held in Michigan (USA).
The teams are coached by David Planes (men) and Jordi Argullos (women).
The Catalan ladies have played 3 games so far and are third in their division, after beating USA 16U girls and Australia by 3-1 and losing to USA 18U by 9-1.

Full stats and standings: Catalan women team

The men team have also played 3 games with 2 defeats to USA 18U minor and USA 18U major by 6-7 and 1-5 respectively, and one draw 4-4 against Australia.

Full stats and standings :
Catalan men team

For more information about this tournament go to World Inline Cup

It is very exciting to see that despite all the difficulties, Catalonia is still represented all over the world. By the way, where is the Spanish team?

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