Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Spaniards strike back (III)

The reactions on the Spanish side have been, as usual, very belligerent with the CAS decision.
The Spanish federation of roller sports in an official statement declared: "We respect but disagree with the CAS settlement. We are convinced that the Catalan federation will not be recognised as a full member of the FIRS. The Spanish national team is the only one who has international rights to compete internationally and the only one who will participate in the next World Cup in San Jose. The Catalan federation does not belong to the FIRS since that was the situation prior to the CAS decision."

According to the president of the Spanish federation Carmelo Paniagua, the repetition of the FIRS assembly will not alter the the previous outcome since he believes that the majority of federations agree with the Spanish position.
In the arrogant way that distinguises this individual, Paniagua said: "This is not a victory for the Catalans. This sentence will just prolong the agony of the Catalans as they will not be admited in the next assembly."

Well, I'm afraid this is not for you to decide Mr Paniagua...

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