Sunday, July 03, 2005

Catalunya to play in the final

Catalunya will play the final of the Tarradellas cup against Blanes this Sunday evening at 7pm.
Catalunya beat Argentina by 7 to 6 in the semifinals of this competition. The result is a refletion of an extremely exciting and even game in which the Catalan team has been always ahead. The powerful Argentinean team came back twice and was close to upset the Catalans. Catalunya lead by 4-1 half way through the first half with 2 goals of David Caceres, but the Argentineans levelled the game at half time thanks to the 4 goals of Payero. After the half time break, Catalunya score twice again and put the score 6-4. However, Argentina managed to level again and it wasn't until four minutes before the end that the Catalans scored the definite goal.
Hence, 7 to 6 for Catalonia and
the Catalans in the final once again.

The Catalan team Blanes will face Catalonia in the final after havind defeated the Reno World Stars team in the penalties shotout. The score after the normal time was 2-2.

Hence Reno World Stars will play Argentina for the 3rd and 4th place.

On the other hand Italy has finished the tournament in 5th position after beating Switzerland by 5-2.


Anonymous said...

¿Portugal va a jugar por la tercera plaza con Argentina? ¡si Portugal no juega esta pachanga veraniega! los confundes con el combinado patrocinado por Reno,como se nota cuando se escribe de forma rápida y precipitada...

Anonymous said...

"si Portugal no juega esta pachanga veraniega!"

Our friend says "pachanga veraniega" to Blanes torunament, he have talked with the normal spanish bad education.

Here is another example of spanish method, and another example of why some catalan people don't like to play with spain and don't like to be spanish.

Go on Catalonia.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

to "pachanga veraniega"

And your country with people like you wants to organize an olimpic games? You would like to play "toros" in the 2012 olimpic games? Anyone knows what kind of spectacle is "toros" whre a man with a sword torture a bull? This is the tipical spanish spectacle.

Madrid 2012 with "Toros" (torturing animals).

OLÉ spain

Anonymous said...

I´m catalan and spaniard and I´m proud of it.
you are fanatics and loosers.
visca Catalunya¡
visca Espanya¡
!adelante Madrid 2012¡

Anonymous said...

go madrid go¡¡¡¡

Anonymous said...

Bad education is also typical spanish. "loosers", "pachanga Veraniega", "fanatics", "putos catalanes", etc. etc. This is his style, whe are not surprised for his fanatism and bad education, but maybe rest of world could be surprised seing this kind of people sayng stupid things.

Whe don't like this peopla.
Catalonia will be free of this bad people.

Anonymous said...

stop your demagogy,nobody say here"putos catalanes",perque sóc català i seria insultar-me a mi mateix...
go Madrid go¡ Catalonia is with you¡
Visca Catalunya¡
Visca Espanya¡
see you in Madrid 2012

Anonymous said...

See this link, you know wich is this flag? This is the fascist flag of franco's ages. Do you know who is this player? This is one of spanish players that has won the "mediterranean games" yesterday.

Whe don't need to coment.