Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Where is the real debate?

After reading some of the comments made on last Sunday's post it is clear the lack of debate existing at this time. Maybe we could all try to be more sensible and defend our ideas without having to attack someone else's. I do agree with some of the comments that some Spaniards cannot defend their legitimate ideas without being abusive and offensive. Many people visiting this blog have given valid argumentations for the admission of Catalonia as a full member of the FIRS. However, I cannot recall any unswerving argument made by any person against the recognition of Catalonia as their opinions seem to be only linked to the political situation and the fact that Catalonia belongs to Spain.

Spanish tactics
The two presidents
Spanish supreme sports council

No sporting issues (the ones that should really prevail) haven been mentioned by those against the recognition of Catalonia. What benefits for the sport of roller hockey would imply the recognition of Catalonia? What detriments and advantages, if any, would that represent for the Spanish federation?

CIRHS views
Oliveras de la Riva
Sport arguments

The real debate is not happening! In fact, there has not been a truthful regular debate since the controversy after the recognition of Catalonia in March 2004. The Spanish argumentation has always been the same. The Catalans are the only ones who have tried to put through coherent points of view and emphasized at all times that the real issue is a sportive and not a political one.

From Catalanhockey@blogspot we welcome the debate. We encourage EVERYONE to give their opinions in a polite and civilised manner although this, some, will never understand.

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