Friday, July 15, 2005

Catalonia will have another chance

The CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) has finally settle the appeal presented by the Catalan Federation of Roller Sports with regards the non-admission of Catalonia as a full member of the FIRS.
The decision of the CAS is to invalidate the resolutions of the FIRS Assembly of Fresno, in which Catalonia membership of the FIRS was taken away.
As we explained earlier on this blog, the chaotic assembly of Fresno was full of irregularities and the Catalans were confident all the evidence they had presented would be enough to invalidate the assembly.
More on the Fresno's assembly:

Fresno's Assembly

The decision of the CAS implies that there will have to be a new Assembly in which the admission of Catalonia will have to be discussed again. The CAS has also emphasized that the voting will have to be secret if at least 2 members of the FIRS ask for it.
In addition the CAS resolution has pointed out that the Catalan federation and their representatives will have the right to speak at the assembly and defend their position. Finally they have urged the FIRS to hold the assembly in less that 9 months from today's date.

The negative aspect of the resolution is the fact that the CAS has not recognised the Catalan federation the right to participate in the next World Cup A that will take place next August in San Jose (California).

Therefore, there we are again. All the Catalan diplomacy will have to start to work together in order to maintain the support we already had and to gain additional support from those countries that were simpathetic with the Catalan situtation.
As the president of the Catalan federation, Ramon Basiana, said minutes after the Fresno's assembly: "We have lost a battle, but there is still a war to be won."

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Anonymous said...

Des d'Irlanda amb Catalunya.

We've lost the battle but we'll win the war.

Freedom for Catalonia.