Thursday, October 28, 2004

Dirty politics?

The Spanish Popular Party (PP) has clearly made of this issue one of their main priorities. Francisco Gonzalez in a press conference this morning presented to the press a copy of the minutes of the FIRS assembly held in Miami, in which allegedly Catalonia offered an annual help of 80 000 euros to the headquarters of the FIRS in Barcelona.
According to the PP, this help was in compensation for the granting of provisional affiliation to Catalonia. In other words, they are suggesting that Catalonia bought his affiliation.

However, Mr Gonzalez didn't tell the press that in that meeting 12 other countries were also granted provisional affiliation. And that a protocol was signed with the National Catalonia Roller Skating Federation and the Sports Council of Catalonia.
The object of this agreement was: "to establish a collaboration programme in order to set common working lines for the benefit of roller sports. Both bodies will co-operate in a solidarity sports project that will promote training of elite sportsmen and women from under developed countries. The National Catalonia Roller Skating Federation will collaborate with FIRS in its sport programme by bringing sports technicians to organise five clinics per year".

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