Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I need your help.

To my knowledge there are 23 members of nations without state that belong to the FIFA football and FIBA basketball, and 21 members belonging to IAAF athletics.

Could anyone help me to find all these members?
Thanks in advance.


dfons said...

Thank you to Victoria Moreno for this information.

The FIRS has as full members the following nations without state:
Bermudes, Puerto Rico, Scotland, Hong Kong, Macao i Xina Taipei.
Both Macao and Xina Taipei (Taiwan) took part in the B World Cup held in Macao.

In basketball Gibraltar, Puerto Rico, Martinica, Guadalupe, Faroe Islands, Cook Islands or Greenland.

Other nations include Cayman Islands, Montserrat, Alaska, Hawai, Tahiti, New Caledonian and Quebec.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all compete against England in different sports including football.

Anonymous said...
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Holsy1982 said...

If I recall correctly at the end of the Sydney olympics they said that this would be the last time we would see the United Kingdom represented as one team, and that in future they would have England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Obviously this didn't happen at the Greek games, but it seems that this is at least being thought of, so in the future there may be many more sports where the UK will be represented by more than one team.
I suppose that one important thing might be how the sport is governed, ie there is a Scotish Football Association, and as far as I know it is recognised by the state as an official national entity, and similarly in Wales, if there is no state recognising an association as an official national club then any international governing body would find it more difficult to define the rules to allow them in.