Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Spaniards strike back (II)

The tension between Catalans and Spaniards is growing by the minute. It is clear that the Spaniards are getting very nervous about the possible Catalan recognition and are preparing their political and media army to fight this tough battle.
Reactions on Tuesday night were numerous.
Lissavetzky, Spanish secretary of sports, defended the fact that under the actual Spanish law, it is impossible for an autonomous region to play an official game against Spain.

In fact, although the spirit of the law might support Lissavetzky's statement, there is nothing in the law that explicitly states that Spain cannot compete against Catalonia.
While the Basques and the Catalans suggested that the law could be modified, the Spanish socialist pary spokesman Alfredo Perez Rubalcava stated that: "the law approved in 1990 is good as it is and any attempt to modify will not have our support".
The president of the Spanish federation of roller sports, Enrique Garcia Raposo speaking to a Catalan radio, denied that the Spanish federation is pressuring other countries to change their vote. Accordint to Raposo, "all" they are doing is explaining that Catalonia is only an autonomous region of Spain and that all the competitions in Spain are being organised by the Spanish federation.
A very biased explanation of the situation, isn't it?

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