Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Sport or political issue?

The Madrid-based sports daily newspaper AS, devotes on their online edition today ( three pages to analyse the situation.
According to AS if the final decision in Fresno is to accept Catalonia as full member of the FIRS , Spain will withdraw from all competitions.

A nice way of enforcing a decision against Catalonia, don't you think? So, what? Catalonia has at least the same competitive level as Spain, so no one really will lose if Spain doesn't compete.
However, this would be an outrageous attack at the sobirany of Spain, wouldn't it? and they don't even like hockey! they don't even know the bloody rules nor they could name any player who won the world cup a few weeks ago, nor they know who won the league last season!
So, it is definitely a political issue my friends, don't you agree?

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