Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Reactions in Catalonia

Not surprisingly the reactions of the Catalan people were opposite to those of the Spaniards.
Catalan politicians such as Rafael Niubo, the Secretary for Sport of the Catalan governmentsident, Josep Maldonado the former Secretary for Sport of the Catalan government, David Moner, president of the Union of Catalan Federations or Ramon Basiana, president of the Catalan Federation of Roller Sports congratulated themselves but were cautious about the provisionality of the agreement.
"It opens now a period of intense negotiations between the Catalan Federation of Roller Sports and other federations to gather all the support that we need in order to gain the definitive membership. Negotiations will also include the Spanish counterpart" Ramon Basiana said.

On the other hand the president of the FIRS, Isidro Oliveras, recognised that the decision taken remained within the rules of the FIRS and that the request from the Catalan Federation was always under the legality and formal requirements of the FIRS.

Spontaneous shows of support took place all over Catalonia and were echoed by the catalan press and television.

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