Friday, October 29, 2004

The steps towards recognition

This is the possible scenario in a month's time:

  1. 105 federations have the right to vote in the FIRS assembly on the 26th of Novemeber. However, no more than 40 are expected to attend. Votes can be delegated.
  2. Each federation will be able to vote as many times as types of roller sports recognised by the FIRS. (i.e. if a federation is a member of the FIRS in line hockey, speed and artistic they will have three votes). For the final admission of Catalonia a simple majority will be required.
  3. Vote can be secret if at least 10% of the federations present ask to do so.
  4. If Catalonia application is rejected all players who played for Catalonia in the B World Cup would be able to play for Spain again.
  5. If Catalonia is accepted, those players will have to chose which country to represent. Their decision will be a definite one. They will not be allowed to play for Spain ever again if they decide to play for Catalonia.
  6. The Catalan Federation will allow the Spanish one to pick their players first.
  7. The Spanish law states that the international representitivity corresponds to the Spanish team. However, it doesn't say anywhere that Spain cannot compete against Catalonia.
  8. There is no appeal against whichever decision the FIRS takes.

Source: Raco catala

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