Wednesday, November 10, 2004

FIRS' president defends the admission of Catalonia

Isidro Oliveras, president of the FIRS, has sent an email to all the members of the Central Commitee and to the Commitees of downhill, artistic, hockey, inline hockey and speed to explain his own position with regards the recognition of Catalonia as a full member.
With only 16 days left until the next FIRS assembly which will be held in Fresno, Mr Oliveras believes it is his duty as president to let the members of the FIRS know his opinion.
According to Europa Press, in his email Mr Oliveras explains that Catalonia has more political status than other federations such as Macau, Scotland, Wales, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, Feroe Islands or Puerto Rico. These federations, Oliveras adds, are recognised by the IFAA which is one of the most important federations in sport.
Oliveras describes how Catalonia has its own Government, president, prime minister, international representation, laws, taxes, police, language and culture. In addition he states that the Catalan federation has offered to organise the 2009 roller sports world-cup in all the disciplines.
Oliveras expands on some political aspects of Catalonia like the fact that Catalonia is recognised in the Spanish Constitution as an historical nationality within the Kingdom of Spain.

Finally, Oliveras adds that he is not interested in politics but in sport and that what is good for roller sports is good for him and the admission of Catalonia, as he has stated in previous occasions, would be an important gain for the rolling sport.
Oliveras considers that it is now that he has to explain what he thinks and defends the legality of the decision to recognise the national federation of Catalonia, as it follows the laws of the FIRS.
In addition, as an example he explains that in 1992, the federation of Macao qualified for the 1992 games, but the IOC prevented them to participate because they were not a State (then it belonged to Portugal). "I defended the Federation of Macao because I thought, as I think now, that that federation was good for the world of roller sports. In spite of its political status (now a Chinese department) they are good and I will always fight for this federation".

How much criticism is Isidro Oliveras going to receive from his own beliefs?
We will just have to sit and wait...

Source: Europa Press

Thanks to Marc.


Anonymous said...

I think Oliveras has been very brave to come out and tell everyone what he thinks. Obviously now he is going to be slagged off by the Spanish media and politicians, and this might well result in his resignation depending on the results of the voting.

John Peacock

Anonymous said...


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