Tuesday, November 02, 2004

CIRH's president supports Catalonia

In an interview with the "Journal of Macao", the president of the CIRH (International Commitee of Rink Hockey) Harro Strucksberg has defended the participation of Catalonia in the A World-Cup.
Mr Strucksberg has stated that "from a sportive point of view everything is very clear. We want to admit Catalonia as a full member of the FIRS as this would give an enormous boost to our sport."
Nevertheless, Mr Strucksberg has critised the massive political pressure that the Spaniards are putting over the national federations which goes against the ambitions of the CIRH.
"I am completely for the recognition of Catalonia as they are a very strong team and due to the fact that spanish roller hockey is mainly made up of Catalans"
Strucksberg thinks however, that in the long run the final decision will be political and not sportive.

Source: Portal do diario de Macau


Anonymous said...

Catalonia is noT a nation....Spain is the nation...so CATALONIA OUT OFF INTERNATIONAL ROLLER HOCKEY COMPETITIONS.....

Anonymous said...

Catalonia is no a nation....Spain is the nation...so CATALONIA OUT OFF INTERNATIONAL ROLLER HOCKEY COMPETITIONS.....

Lobisome said...

There is no need to be a NATION in order to be a full member of the FIRS, one third of FIRS members are not NATIONS, I mean, independent nations.

This is a discussion about sport, not politics. It should be, at least.

Anonymous said...

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