Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Spanish Supreme Sports Council (CSD) campaigns against Catalonia

According to Madrid based sports daily newspaper AS, the objective of the CSD is to win the voting that will take place the next 26th of November in Fresno, to avoid Catalonia being admitted as a full member of the FIRS.
"We have to act with discretion - Rafael Blanco, General director of the CSD, says. But the Spanish federation with the endorsement of the government is moving with diligence to avoid the recognition of Catalonia and therefore make sure that law is followed."

Are the Spaniards admitting they are using "dirty politics" again?

The optimism of the Spanish leader is based on the appeal that the Spanish Federation of Skating will present in the Congress of the FIRS to prevent Catalonia facing Spain in the next roller hockey World Cup.

Are these the ones proclaiming that this should only be a sportive issue and no a politics one?



Anonymous said...

Does anybody know what the Spanish Federation has promised to all these other federations in ex-change for their vote against admitting Catalonia? Money? Political support? Political silence? Catalans only want to play hockey!

Anonymous said...
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