Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Catalan Federation sets off to Fresno

The representatives of the Catalan Federation of Roller Sports have departed this morning to Fresno (California), where next Thursday and Friday the FIRS will decide whether or not to admit this federation as a full member.
The Executive Committee meeting will begin at 09 00 (local time), midnight (Paris time).
In this meeting the appeal from the Spanish federation will be discussed and the representatives of the Spanish Federation, Enrique Garcia Raposo, will present his arguments at 14 30 for fifteen minutes. After this, Ramon Basiana, president of the Catalan Federation will expose his arguments for fifteen minutes as well.
Finally, the Executive Committee, which will not have his Japanese member Yoshiro Noguchi due to illness, will deliberate and make a final decision.

Three scenarios are possible:
1st The Spanish appeal wins: In that case, Oliveras will present his unconditional resignation.
2nd The Spanish appeal is not accepted: The General Assembly on Friday will have to vote whether or not to recognise Catalonia.
3rd A draw: In that case, Oliveras will have to settle that draw. Oliveras will vote agaisnt the Spanish appeal.

The FIRS General Assembly on Friday will also start at 9 00 (local time).
The arguments for and against the admission of Catalonia will be exposed to all the FIRS members.
Then the admission of another set of federations ( Bulgaria, Georgia, Honduras, Iran, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Namibia, Romania, Bosnia, Turkey, Gibraltar and Paraguay) will be voted as a whole, however, the case of Catalonia, Canada and Costa Rica will be voted individually.
If 2 federations ask for the voting to be secret it will be so.
Around 16 00 (local time), the Assembly will have decided if Catalonia is finally recognised as a full member. If this does not happen, Oliveras will present his unconditional resignation...

... and the Catalan dream will remain as that, just a beautiful dream!

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