Thursday, November 25, 2004

Spain also opposes the recognition of Gibraltar

It seems that the Spaniards haven’t got enough in their plate with the problem of the Catalan Federation as now they have decided to oppose the admission of the Gibraltar federation.
Gibraltar, a British colony, has a total of 12 federations recognised internationally, although Bermuda is the British colony with more federations, a total of 31.

We must remember that Spain also opposed the admission of Gibraltar into the FIFA by threating to withdraw all the spanish teams for every FIFA competition.

I thought the Spanish inquisition was dead and buried!!!


Anonymous said...

Maybe the problem is Spanish Federation. All the problems in the FIRS are with Spanish Federation. Maybe FIRS would have to accept new Federations and expel Spanish Federation, and all the problems will be ended.

Pere Pascual said...

Hi, everyone.
You all can see that the problem is the Spanish Federation, they’re always against everything that they think is of them. Gibraltar is of them, Catalonia is of them…all are them, like an imperious, and they don’t accept the singulars situations of some “countries” like Catalonia.
Catalonia in her “autonomic status” said that Catalonia is a nation “The History speaks itself” and “Spanish Constitution” said that the State of Spain is a group of “Nations and Regions into Spain”, it is easy to understand.
But the most of international people don’t know anything about it but it is the reality.

Thanks a lot to everyone that they are make everything that they can to help us.

Yours sincerely

Anonymous said...

I'm Portuguese. I just want to say that I think that it was very good to our Roller Hockey that Catalunha could play in the World Cup as other nations do. The competition would increase, and with Portugal, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Catalunha and with the increasment of value of teams like France, Brazil or Switzerland, Roller Hockey would be very better. And if England can play in a World Cup Catalunha should play to.

Anonymous said...

My Question is:
Someone could tell me the advantages of Catalonia admission as an independent federation, for the development of our sport?
It will bring more suporters?? It make our sport grow?
I'm Portuguese, and for now, i have no opinion about this problem, someone could tell me what FIRS intend to do, to develop our sport?
Paulo Matias

dfons said...
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dfons said...

First of all thank you everyone for your contribution.
With regards to what would be the benefits of the final recognition of Catalonia, a quick browse through the different posts in this site would give you a good idea of why the admission of Catalonia would be so benefitial.
More than 400 roller hockey games are played in Catalonia each weekend. This is twice as much as the amount of games played in the rest of the world.
Roller hockey is an extremely popular sport in Catalonia and is practised in many schools from early years, hence its popularity.
Imagine that AC Milan or Barcelona weren't playing in the Champions League, would anyone say no if they ask to play this competition? It would only increase the level of the games, it would generate more money and would bring an extra amount of fans.
This analogy would explain, in my modest opinion, the importance for the world of roller hockey that the inclusion of Catalonia would have.
According to FIRS directors, roller hockey is dying all over the world then what better way to save the sport than to admitt the country that has the higher number of clubs and players?

Let's forget politics and let's think only about sport. If we manage to do this, the answer is clear: SAY YES!!

Anonymous said...

More reasons:
Spanish Federation has spend much money in fight against Catalonia recognition and against Gibraltar recognition than the money that spends in 5 or 10 years promoting hockey in the rest of spain. All players in Spanish team are Catalan, all wants to play with Catalonia because his feelings are with his nation, Catalonia. Spanish federation only expect for Catalan Federation woek and they only collect world cups and European Cups. Spanish Federation don't work for international hockey and roller sports, they only want to work for spanish unity. If Catalonia is in the FIRS we will win a worker Federation that loves hockey and roller Sports, we will can promote our sport arround the world.

In all friendly matches that plays catalan team, there are arround 7.000 people crowding the pavilion. This don't happen when Spanish team plays a match. We love hockey and roller sports, they only want world cups without work and make hockey a big sport.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the problem is Spanish Federation. It's incredible, it's a joke, it's inadmissible. What a shame for our sport!!!. How hockey can accept this delivered agression against catalonian selection, who has demonstrated in the court, as world B champions their level in hockey... PLEASE, LET THEM BE FREE AND LET THEM BE A NORMAL TEAM LIKE OTHER ONES WE ARE!!! HOCKEY WILL IMPROVE A LOT WITH THEM. COME ON, COME ONE CATALONIAN TEAM!!!

Anonymous said...

I am the Portuguese one that wrote that I thought that Catalonia in World Cup would be very good to Roller Hockey. This subject is dividing opinions here in Portugal, some people doesn't care about that, other people think that it would be good, and others doesn't want that. If England and Macau can play why Catalonia can't play either? In Handball, for example Groneland has a National Team, and Groneland is not independent, and Handball is an Olimpic Sport...

And more... Spain is a great team in Roller Hockey because Catalonia exists...