Sunday, November 28, 2004

Catalonia loses the World Cup won in Macau

One of the consequences of the polemic FIRS congress in Fresno is that Catalonia will have to renounce to the B World Cup title that they deservedly won in Macau a few weeks ago.
All the effort and excellent hockey that some innocent players put together to lift the first World Cup for Catalonia has vanished thanks to the dirty politics and interests of a bunch of politicians that don't really care about hockey.

From this site I would like to express my appreciation to every single member of that Catalan team who made us proud of loving hockey and being Catalans. Thank you!


Lobisome said...

Are you sure? I mean that I haven't heard it on the radio or so. I hope, just hope, this new will be a hoax.

Where have you read or heard this new?

dfons said...

I read it somewhere...I think it was either El periodico or El Mundo deportivo. I will try to confirm it.