Saturday, November 06, 2004

The Italian's point of view

Italian newspapers have been widely echoing the last polemic in Spain.
The news site comments about the last words of Spain's Prime minister Mr Zapatero in which he stated that there will never be a game between Spain and Catalonia.'s article is very sympathetic with the Catalans : "A beautiful dream for who does not see the hour to be true, that is the participation of the Catalan side in the A World Cup. A participation that the square would not only want as political acknowledgment of an ethnic minority, but also as deservedly earned the field. In fact the Catalans, won recently the B World-Cup in Macao, achieving the right to participate in the A World-Cup" opens up with Catalan's roller hockey coach, Jordi Camps' words: " the most important thing is that we have maintained our compromise towards our country". Then the victory in the B World Cup is compared to some big wins of the Catalan football team although these have always been in friendly games. Il manifesto states that with the B World Cup title in their pockets, the Catalans have earned the right to participate in the next A Wolrd-Cup and to play against Spain, since both teams have been drawn in the same group. This fact, according to Il manifesto, has set off a huge political row between Spain and Catalonia. While the Catalans are proud and enjoying their celebrating mood, the Spaniards have started another nationalistic battle to preserve the unity of Spain.

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