Friday, November 26, 2004

Court of Arbritation for Sport

The Catalan federation, through its lawyer Jean Louis Dupont, have confirmed that in case the appeal of the Catalans is rejected, they will take the case to the Court of Arbritation for Sport in Lausanne (Switzerland).
The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) is an institution independent of any sports organization which provides for services in order to facilitate the settlement of sports-related disputes through arbitration or mediation by means of procedural rules adapted to the specific needs of the sports world.
Dupont has stated that: "the Swiss law and the CAS don't like dirty games being played against any federation. What has just been done to the Catalan federation is not on and they will have to pay for this. Catalonia followed all the rules and made their move always within the law. In the middle of a game the FIRS has just modified the rules and this is not right".



an said...

Fight untill the end, send an e-mail to the hotel where the assembly is staying with the phrase:



YOU CAN SEND IT BY FAX TOO: to the number:
+1 (559) 441-2954

Anonymous said...

Once again, the age of darkeness haunt us back from the past, a past which, unfortunately, is very much the present we breath. The dispute is done and dusted, or so it seems. I guess there is only one more step to take: Catalans living in Catalonia, go to the streets peacfully and demonstrate. I guess we should all be dressed in black, because today is another balck stain in our history of marginalisation. Perhaps it is also time that some Catalan sportmen and women have a say with their acts. But that, I guess, is up to them.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, we can't have the cake and eat it too. National teams represent nation-states, and we don't make a lot of sense asking for national team without being a nation-state. Just go for independence, and we'll get national teams, official language status for Catalan within the EU, and all we want. It's that easy.
We can't expect to get all we want by being the exception to all existant and well-established international rules.

Anonymous said...

many national teams are not representing any state/country. You can see England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and in Hockey you have the perfect example of China, Macau (China), Hong Kong (China) and Taiwan (China), and in many sports you have Feroe Islands (Denmark), Palestina (Israel) ...

FIRS does not ask for being a country when a federation knocks at his door. Look at his rules, FIRS is a private company and has the rules he wants to. If a federation is denied to join FIRS for not being a ONU-state, there's a break of the rules.

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