Friday, November 26, 2004

It's not all over yet!

After the disappointing defeat yesterday the Catalan delegates have still got a little hope.
The Catalan lawyers Jean Louis Dupont and have been working since yesterday in an appeal that will be presented in the FIRS annual congress later today.
The FIRS congress can overrule any decision taking by the Executive Commitee and there is where the Catalans base their hopes in.
If only one federation asks for a voting to ratify the decision taking by the committee the congress will have to vote. Then if 51% of the votes are against the decision of the Executive Committee, Catalonia will have to be included in the list of federations provisionally admitted and will have another chance to become a full member.
It is likely that at least one federation asks for this voting (maybe Andorra), but it seems very difficult to get the 51% of the votes in the later voting.

Again let's wait and see...


Anonymous said...

YES to NATIONAL catalan hockey teams.

Kind regards,

Josep Maria

Anonymous said...

The will is the last that man lost. So I hope that at least the vote will be produced. If this happens, it hearts to the spanish federation because this is the thing that they fought against.

For that reason, I hope that Andorra ask to vote.