Thursday, November 04, 2004

TV audience boosts

The last B World Cup in which Catalonia became world’s champion was a great success in terms of television audience.
All the games that Catalonia played were broadcasted live by the second Catalan television channel, “el 33”, apart from the final that was shown live by the first Catalan television channel TV3.
The average audience for the seven games was of 74 000 spectators which is a very large number for a Roller hockey game.
According to TV3, the only TV station in broadcasting hockey games in Catalonia (no Spanish TV is showing any game nor highlights at the moment), the average audience for a hockey game is about 30 000 spectators, therefore the audience during the World Cup was more than acceptable, especially if we consider that all the games were played in the morning.

Another evidence of the importance that Roller hockey has in Catalonia!

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