Thursday, November 25, 2004

Catalonia is a World Champion!

2004 World Roller Figure Skating Championships Freedom Makes Catalonia a World Champion
The first place trophy in the show skating competition at the 2004 Roller Figure Skating World Championships was a show team from an artistic roller skating team in the town of Olot in the Catalonian region of Spain.

The theme of the world championship performance was "Freedom" and for those in the audience who were familiar with the FIRS/Catalonia situation the performance of these skaters from Olot felt like a gut-wrenching, heartfelt, last minute plea to the international skating community to allow the Catalonian Roller Sports Federation to be confirmed as a member of the International Roller Sports Federation. That decision will be made at the 2004 FIRS Congress in Fresno on November 26, 2004.

What else do they need to realise what Catalonia wants?

Reported by Kathie Fry in Fresno.

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