Thursday, November 18, 2004

FIRS president’s response to disciplinary action

Isidro Oliveras, president of the FIRS, has admitted that he is “not concerned nor surprised” about the disciplinary action against him, started by the Spanish Olympic Committee COE, because he believes that his actual situation is not the most important issue at present

Oliveras adds that he has taken the decision very well and thinks that the COE has the right to take their own decisions if these are legitimate.
Finally, Oliveras states that he has no idea whether this will be the previous step before his final expulsion as a member of the COE and confirms that he will present his resignation if Catalonia is not admitted as a full member of the FIRS.

Whatever the final resolution of the FIRS is, the Catalan people should be more than grateful to this man, who has showed honesty and integrity in these difficult moments.

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