Wednesday, November 17, 2004

FIRS president faces disciplinary action by the Spanish Olympic Committee

The Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) has decided to start disciplinary action against Isidro Oliveras, president of the FIRS, for his statement supporting the recognition of the Catalan Federation of Roller Sports.
The COE have decided that Oliveras' beliefs constitute a "serious disciplinary infraction".
In order to start the proceedings against Oliveras, the Executive Committee of the COE has named as instructor, Marco Antonio Rioja, president of the COE's Legal Commission, and the secretary to be Julio González Ronco, secretary of the COE'S Legal Commission.

See my post on Wednesday 10th of November, for Oliveras' statement about the admission of Catalonia.

It didn't take long for the criticisms to begin!
Note that Oliveras has been disciplined "only" for being brave and honest and make his beliefs public.
In my opinion they should be ashamed of themselves.

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